Kathmandu Vidya Kunja Secondary School, a renowned educational institution located in Tokha-8, Kathmandu, sought out Pebbles to develop a responsive website. This new platform would highlight their extensive offerings and enhance communication with parents and prospective students.

Our Solution

With a strategic approach, Pebbles undertook the task and delivered a comprehensive website development solution for KVKSS.
Our services included:
Responsive Website Design
Pebbles designed a user-friendly, responsive website for Kathmandu Vidya Kunja Secondary School, ensuring seamless accessibility across all devices, including smartphones and tablets.
Academic Programs
Pebbles showcased the academic offerings of the school, providing detailed descriptions of the curriculum and special programs to inform parents and students about their educational opportunities.
Online Admission Form
An online admission form was integrated into the website, allowing parents to easily reserve seats for their children and streamline the admission process.
Staff Directory
The website includes a comprehensive team page, introducing the entire staff of the school, making it easier for parents to get to know the educators and administrators.
Landing Pages for Offers
Pebbles designed landing pages to highlight special offers and programs the school provides, attracting prospective students and parents with detailed information on these unique opportunities.

The Result

Our work at Pebbles significantly enhanced the online presence of Kathmandu Vidya Kunja Secondary School. The responsive website we developed attracted more visitors and improved communication with parents.
The comprehensive information and easy navigation we implemented helped prospective students and their families better understand the school, resulting in increased engagement and a streamlined admission process.