Renowned for top-notch orthodontic care, Save and Smile (SNS) Dental Home, led by the expert Dr. Jitendra Kumar Sah, identified the necessity to upgrade their digital presence for better patient engagement. To achieve this, they teamed up with Pebbles to modernize their online image and boost brand visibility.

Our Solution

Approaching the task strategically, Pebbles offered SNS Dental Home a holistic website development solution.
Our services included:
Seamless Website Experience
We meticulously designed and developed a user-friendly website for SNS Dental Home, ensuring it seamlessly adapts to all devices, from tablets to phones.
Elevating Visibility through SEO
Implementing our cutting-edge SEO strategies, we elevated SNS’s search engine ranking, enabling potential patients to easily discover them online.
Enhancing User Experience
With our focus on page speed optimization, we optimized SNS’s website loading speed, delighting visitors and reducing bounce rates.
Fueling Social Media Presence
To enrich SNS’s social media engagement, we curated a captivating media editing package, including professional photography and tailor-made social media templates for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The Result

Our collaboration with SNS Dental Home resulted in remarkable outcomes. Witnessing their heightened online presence was immensely fulfilling, with increased exposure on search engines and enhanced user engagement. Moreover, our captivating social media content strengthened SNS’s bond with their audience, reaffirming their position as a trusted leader in orthodontic care.
We’re privileged to have contributed to their digital success, cementing our partnership as a key factor in their online triumph.