TNBT, a trailblazing company based in Nepal, set out to redefine the audio experience with their innovative wireless earbuds. Seeking a digital design that mirrored their commitment to cutting-edge technology and sleek aesthetics, TNBT partnered with Pebbles.

Our Solution

Pebbles took on the challenge with enthusiasm, providing TNBT with a comprehensive digital design overhaul that aligned with their vision. Our services included:
Branding Design
We developed a visually captivating branding design that encapsulated TNBT’s identity. From a modern and distinctive logo to a cohesive color palette, the branding elements were crafted to resonate with the tech-savvy audience.
Digital Marketing Collaterals
To boost TNBT’s online presence, we created digital marketing collaterals such as banners, social media graphics, and promotional materials. These elements were strategically designed to captivate the audience and drive engagement.
Product Imagery and Graphics
Visual appeal is crucial in the tech industry. We curated high-quality product imagery and graphics that accentuated the elegance and functionality of TNBT’s wireless earbuds. This included visuals for marketing materials and social media campaign.

The Result

The collaboration resulted in a transformative digital presence for TNBT. The brand’s image was elevated, and the website became a hub for showcasing the innovation behind their wireless earbuds. TNBT experienced increased brand recognition and engagement, translating into a positive impact on sales and market positioning.
Pebbles is honored to have contributed to TNBT’s journey as they continue to redefine the audio landscape with their cutting-edge wireless earbuds.